In every interaction with us you’ll be able to tell: we LOVE what we do. The nature of the company we’ve built and how we approach our work attracts creative, inspired and hard-working individuals. We believe in honesty, service, continual improvement, and enjoying what we do. We further nurture our principles of collaboration and trust by maintaining consistent project teams. This constancy creates teams with high levels of communication, empathy, cooperation and humor, which brings the utmost skill, professionalism and joy to each client relationship.

Meet the Team


Window in Union Office Interiors

Union Office Interiors maintains a casual and collaborative team spirit in which knowledge is valued, opinions are respected, trust is championed, adorable dogs are scratched, delicious crockpot meals are shared and creative get-togethers are well attended. We are warm, welcoming and devoted and we encourage everyone to brainstorm new ideas, pursue their own goals, and do whatever they believe is necessary to make you satisfied and successful.


First opening our doors on Union Street in Boston in 1966 as an office supply business with a focus on serving the Boston community, we quickly grew with the expansion of industry and business in Boston by including furniture in our offering in 1983. Since opening we have weathered many diverse economic conditions and expanded both the supply division and the furniture division of the company. Through it all UOi has always remained true to our core message: fostering and maintaining relationships with superior service.

Today with our multiple locations throughout New England, Union Office Interiors is stronger than ever. The integration of technology and new facilities have advanced our internal communication, speed, customer service and communication with our clients and industry partners. The employees at UOi thrive on our team based and client focused efforts. Providing best-in-class design support and project management are standards we proudly uphold on every project at any scale. We assure you that your experience with Union Office Interiors will be exceptional.

Our project teams are comprised of professionals from different backgrounds and each individual brings a very specific skill set to the table. Our Account Managers, Designers, and Project Managers are paired as a team consistently. This method of internal structure allows our team members to become very aware of how their partner works. These specialty teams come together with not only an understanding of their own obligations but with an understanding of your goals as well. Our strong communication skills coupled with our team mentality produces successful installations and retains satisfied clients. We don’t take our responsibilities as part of your team lightly and your project team will prove it.

Many customers have traveled this journey with us, without whom, we may not be the successful dealership we are today. It is this recognition and universal understanding within Union Office that fosters our work ethic and commitment to all of our client relationships. We are extremely excited about our future and hope that we can share it with you.