UNION OFFICE interiors

The U Approach

This is a process we truly enjoy. Through every project and every relationship, we get to learn about each client’s visions and goals. Then, through collaboration and trust, we get to help create an environment that makes that vision a reality.

Your Vision

From the very beginning of our partnership, we become students of you and your organization. What are your core beliefs and principles? How do you want your people to interact and feel about being at work and about their company? Whether you are in pursuit of a specific vision, have some general ideas, or are seeking inspiration, we always go beyond the obvious questions and the simple answers to help you define, refine and achieve your vision.

Your Schedule

To set the stage for our approach, and as a core part of our Upfront Process, your deadline is one of the first topics we discuss. We have cultivated strong relationships with the best manufacturers in the industry, so we can ensure that both your vision and schedule are fulfilled with quality and care.

Your Experience

Inspiration has always been an integral part of Union Office Interiors. Our team of experts will provide you with a thoughtful and fun experience from start to finish. Your ultimate satisfaction with the process is important to everyone here and we are completely dedicated to ensuring that you are proud of the results and inspired by the future before you.



Long term relationships, experience, dedication, and commitment are weaved throughout the DNA of each member of our Team. The difference we make is found in the expertise, professionalism, and understanding for each client we work with. For us, it is about the people we work with and for. We are passionate about bringing your vision to life.


At Union Office Interiors, our focus is collaborating with you, and your team. It’s clear to us that our success is your success! It’s in our mission and day-to-day practices we complete each project through a proven step by step process we call the “U”Approach. Your Vision, Your Schedule, Your Experience.


One of our most exciting aspects of being a leading Allsteel Dealer and workplace solutions provider is being able to show our story. We provide a very comprehensive portfolio in various markets including Corporate, Higher Education, and Healthcare environments. We hope to include you as one of partner clients who we build not only great space with, but that we build a life-long business partnership with you as well.